Door Repairs

Safezone Locksmiths repair many kind of doors including, sliding doors, timber doors, aluminium doors bi-fold doors, grill doors, fire doors and roller doors. If you are located on the Central Coast and need any kind of door repairs, feel free to give us a call on 0473 450 000.  We are here to help! 

There can be many reasons why a door is not closing or operating properly. Some of the most common reasons include faulty door closers, broken or loose hinges, broken rollers, loose locks and swelling of the door due to moisture or slight movement in the building. At Safezone Locksmiths, we specialise in door repairs and the security of your door too.

That’s what sets us apart from handyman and door installers. Not only do we repair your door, we can advise and provide extra security to your door if needed.  So what sets us apart from other locksmiths? Many locksmiths just work on door locks and door hardware and don’t carry out any repairs on the door itself. This can be costly if you pay for a locksmith who can’t fix the main problem and then you need to call in someone else. 

A good example is aluminium doors where the door has dropped and you get the horrific sound of the door scraping along the floor. Most locksmiths don’t know how to repair these doors and therefore proceed to just replace the hinge. This usually works for a while but over time, the door starts to scrape again.  This is because the door needs attention too and simply by changing the hinge is just a band aid solution. 

Result of an incorrect door closer installation, most likely installed and repaired by unqualified people on several occasions.

24 Hour Emergency Central Coast Door Repairs 

Safezone Locksmiths provide a 24 hours emergency door repair service and will do our best to arrive quickly. Just give us a call even if it is late at night. We carry a large range of locks, door closers, door rollers and door hinges which covers most door problems. We also carry the right tools to adjust or plane the door is jamming on the door jam or floor. 

Break and Enter Door Repairs 

Has you home or business been broken in to?  If so you have come tthe right place. Safezone Locksmiths are experts at repairing damaged doors and door jams. We can in many cases just repair the damaged area, usually making it stronger at the same time. If the door or door jam needs replacing, then we can simply carry out the necessary repairs to secure the premises until such time the replacement door or door jam can be made.  

Door after break and enter that can be repaired, saving hundreds of dollar on a new door

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