Key Safes for Convenience & Security


Having a key safe installed is an easy solution for key management and prevention from being locked out of your house. Below are just some situations and benefits of having a key safe installed.

Key Safes for the Elderly

Many Elderly people often have carers or family members visiting and they usually need to carry a key or wait for the door to be opened. If the person has a disability then opening the door can sometimes be a challenging task. With the convenience of having a Key Safe secured on the wall, visitors can just press in the code and open the door without any fuss.

A key safe is especially useful for when there is an emergency and quick access is needed by ambulance officers or even the neighbours.

Key Safes to Prevent Lockouts

Being locked out can be frustrating and often happens at the worst possible time. Keeping a spare key in the key safe is much easier and cheaper than calling a locksmith.

Key safes for School Children

School kids quite often arrive home before their parents do so having a key safe is a good option rather than taking a key to school and risk losing it.

Key safe for House Sitters

When on holidays you may have a house sitter or someone coming by to feed the animals. A key safe is a good way to make access easy.

Key Safes for the Holiday House

If you have a holiday house then you may have family or friends using it from time to time. The key safe again is an easy solution instead of trying to pick up and drop off keys.

Which Key Safe Brand?

When it comes to choosing a key safe brand to install, I like the Kidde Key Safe as it provides good security. It’s reliable and simple to use.

Changing the combination of the Kidde Key Safe is easy. Just remove the door and turn it over. Use a small flat blade screwdriver or the tool provided and turn the dial on each individual number you wish to change.

Back of Kidde Key Safe Lid

If you have a property on the Central Coast and would like a quote to install a key safe, please give us a call on 0473 450 000.