Locked Out of Your Home?

Needing a locksmith because you are locked out in the Central Coast is more common than you may think. Whether you have just forgot your keys or perhaps they have been stolen, whatever the reason, Safezone Locksmiths can help you get back in quick smart.

How quick you may ask? It does depend on availability and time of day, but usually, we can attend a lockout within 30 minutes of your call. Of course, if we are at opposite ends of the Central Coast, then it will take longer.

Safezone Locksmiths runs a 24 Hour Emergency Service, so just give us a call anytime if you are in need of a locksmith.  If for some reason we don’t answer the phone or call you back immediately, please feel free to call another locksmith as we do need to take time off from time off.

Not all locks can be opened quickly as they depend on many factors. For example, the current Lockwood 001 Deadlatch has anti-picking pins in the cylinder which makes it difficult to open. Lever-sets with the cylinder facing sideways can also be a hindrance. The good news that Safezone Locksmiths has had many years practice with opening these types of locks.

Lockwood 201 Cylinder
                                  Lockwood 001 Front Door Cylinder


If you are in a situation where your lock is broken and you can’t get in, just give us a call. Alternatively, if you would like to try a couple of tricks that might help get you in, then have a look at my other blog:  http://www.locktrain.com/5-things-to-try-before-calling-a-locksmith/

Don’t hesitate to give Safezone Locksmiths a call on 0473 450 000 or head to our lockout services page where you can find more information on our services.