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If you are looking for quality locks, then you have come to the right place.

When you are after new or replacement locks for your home or business, most people are after good quality affordable locks that will last. Safezone Locksmiths only uses quality locks and for good reason. Locks get a workout all the time especially in high-use areas, such as front doors and toilets doors. It’s important that quality locks are fitted, especially in these areas as situations always occur where people get locked out or locked in due to a cheap lock being installed and breaking within a couple of years. Being locked in a toilet is a classic situation often resulting with someone having to wait for a locksmith to open the door. It’s more common than you may think.


Brava Matte Black Leverset
New Brava Matte Black Leverset

Which lock brands does Safezone use?

The top 5 brands of lock brands we use are Brava, Carbine, Lockwood, Whitco, and Kaba. These brands cover the majority locks used within the locksmith industry and are of the highest quality. Safezone Locksmiths chooses between these brands as some locks out perform other by a little or a lot. Or it may be of the same quality but the price might be significantly different.  As we know these brands very well, we are able to confidently recommend to our customers the right lock for the job. There are many other quality security brands which we also use including Norton, Protector, CMI Safes, Ardel Safe Co, Ryobi,  FSH, Ritefit, Abus and ADI.
With over 25 years of locksmith experience, Garry the owner of Safezone Locksmiths is the go-to guy when you need some good advice. Just go to our main webpage and click on our phone number or just send us an email.
If you would like to purchase quality locks directly from our online shop, you can find it here at:  www.locksandsecurityonline.com.au