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Has the safety of your business been compromised? Are the locks broken or malfunctioning? Has someone broken into your office? Or are you looking for an advanced locking system that will prevent any similar situation from happening?

Whichever locksmith-related trouble you are experiencing at your place of business – we are your guys to help you overcome the difficult situation. SafeZone Locksmiths team of commercial locksmiths have an extensive knowledge base of commercial locks and their applications, ranging from a simple office upgrade to a large factory upgrade.

No job is too big or too small for us – we are happy to help you protect your small office, local retail store, or a large commercial complex in an industrial area.

Don’t postpone the locksmith work that needs to be done on your commercial property. Though it may seem minor, it actually has an enormous effect on the overall security of your business. Call Safezone Locksmiths right away to inquire about our commercial locksmith services to hear how we can help you. We even provide a free quote!

Commercial Locksmith Services

Safezone Locksmiths started as a small, local provider of locksmith services for residential and commercial clients. In time, the quality of our customer service and first-class workmanship helped us grow and earn the title of one of the most reliable locksmiths around.

Today, we are everyone’s go-to experts for any commercial locksmith challenges they encounter. We continue to learn and diversify our range of services so that we can help you no matter what! In our locksmith team, we have certified experts who specialise in specific types of locks and locking systems, which means that we have an utmost expert on call to help install or repair any type of lock. This includes stainless steel door locks, glass door locks, heavy-duty balanced doors, storefront gate locks, wood-framed doors, warehouse garage locks, and event electronic door locks.

We have the skills and the tools packed up in our vehicles for any commercial locksmith job you need us to do. We guarantee prompt and efficient service that will deliver optimal and long term results.

Don’t see the service that you need on the list above? That doesn’t mean we don’t provide it, you just have to get in touch and ask. We strive to learn and educate ourselves further so that we stay up-to-date with any changes and advancements that occur in the industry. This way we are ready to address any locksmith-related need – even yours!

Even if you just notice that the locks or door are malfunctioning, we recommend that you call us right away! Though it may seem like a small issue today, it is unlikely to go away on its own and will only become a much bigger and more expensive locksmith project tomorrow.

Give us a call! We set up a 24-hour locksmith service for any emergencies that happen at your place of business, which means that we always have a commercial locksmith available to hear about your problem and solve it. Tell us about the issue that you are dealing with and we will recommend the best way to go about it.

Safeguard Your Business

Regardless of the type or size of business that you run, you are bound to possess certain valuable tools, equipment, or paperwork that you want to keep safe. This is where Safezone Locksmith come with a solution. We had the opportunity to work with numerous businesses over the years, proposing and installing different locksmith solutions that will create an additional wall of protection.

New buildings are quite often targeted by thieves as they know security on new buildings isn’t of the highest standard. The same goes for new unit complexes. Improving security doesn’t necessarily mean all new locks as you may only require blockers plates and lock spinners. We offer a free survey and quote, so feel free to contact us to make an appointment. Your security is our business!

First, we are happy to provide advice on the best locksmith solution. Which type of lock or locking system will best meet your needs depends on a multitude of specifics – the type of business, the size of the office or office building, location, and many other factors. Safezone Locksmiths are happy to hear about you and your establishment, recommend a solution – and install it as well!

We are not all talk – we also do the hard work!

At Your Service 24/7

Your business requires protection at all times! Someone may break and enter in the middle of the night or during a public holiday when they know no one is around. The alarm will go off, but you will not feel safe until you change or rekey all the locks, isn’t that right? Safezone Locksmiths have a commercial locksmith available at all times for emergencies like this one! We pack up and make sure to arrive as soon as possible.

And if you find yourself locked out of the office at the worst possible time? No, you will not have to postpone the important meeting or put an on-going project on hold. Safezone Locksmiths will arrive at your place of business and help you gain entry. You will get back on track ASAP!

Attention Builders!

If you are looking for a locksmith who can advise and supply large quantities of commercial-grade locks at wholesale prices, please give us a call today. Some of the top brands we supply are Lockwood, Whitco, Kaba, Ryobi, Carbine, Brava, Dorma, and many more.

We can also provide prompt service for any urgent repairs or warranties where your newly occupied building is still covered under the builder’s warranty.

Contact Safezone Locksmiths and enjoy the benefits of our commercial locksmith services!