Door Repair

A ton of things can go wrong with your door – you may notice that they are sticking, squeaking, rotting, that the knob gets easily jammed, or they are damaged. Both interior and exterior doors are critical for the safety of your home or office, which is why we advise our clients to address any issue right away.

In case you have a problem with the exterior, interior, sliding, screen, storm, french, pocket, closet or any other type of doors, know that you have a reliable professional at your service to help you in Central Coast.

Safezone Locksmiths are your local go-to locksmith professionals – we offer a wide range of locksmith services at a fair price, 24 hours a day. Call us now if you need help with door repair and door lock repair, or you have any additional questions regarding our services.

Common Door Issues

Common lock problems can often be caused by the door itself and not the actual lock. Door problems are commonly a result of an issue related to structural movement and/or damaged or loose hinges. This can prevent a latch from engaging in the strike or prevent a door from closing at all.

But no matter the issue, you can count on Safezone Locksmiths to fix it and ensure it does not happen again any time soon. Even if it is an emergency – we always have an expert on-call, ready to arrive at your location. We understand that, in some cases, an urgent door repair is necessary to restore the safety of your home or office. Safezone Locksmiths door repair experts will do whatever is in their power to get to you in less than an hour and fix the issue.

Door Repairs

Safezone Locksmith was founded when a group of highly-skilled locksmith professionals joined forces to form a group of the most reliable provider of locksmith services. Over the years, we learned from one another, worked on developing our skills, and growing our service offer. Today, we are able to help service various types of doors, including:

Over time, bi-fold doors tend to drop out of alignment. This can lead to the door being hard to close and the lock becoming difficult to lock, often resulting in the lock handle breaking or jamming. Usually, some minor adjustment to the door and lock will fix the problem. Safezone Locksmiths have extensive experience addressing issues with bi-fold doors so don’t hesitate to contact us in case right away and find out more about how we can help in your specific case.

Though timber doors are among the most popular and appealing choices, they can be prone to numerous problems. In the majority of cases, timber doors may have issues when it comes to closing properly, wish is usually due to either hinge becoming loose, house movement or the door swelling.

The cause of the problem will dictate the course of action to be taken and proper diagnosis is important to resolve the problem long term. Safezone Locksmiths are at your service to arrive and examine the doors, after which we will propose the best plan of action and provide a price estimate.

Invested in quality aluminium sliding glass doors and now you worry that the repair may cost you an arm and a leg? These doors often have a warn roller on the bottom and can sometimes difficult to replace. But even after they have been replaced, the sliding door lock also needs to be adjusted to match the new height of the door lock.

While it may sound like a lot of work, if you collaborate with experienced locksmith professionals, the job can be done in no time. At Safezone Locksmiths, we do this by simply loosening the screws to lift the strike plate and re-tighten the screws. Still, in some cases the strike needs to be refitted but this is not something that should worry you – we have the tools and equipment to overcome any unexpected challenges we may encounter.

Unit main entry doors can endure an extreme amount of use, especially in large complexes. Often a faulty, under-powered or improper fitted door closer causes the door to slam shut and over time this rattles everything loses. Just re-tightening the loose parts is only a band-aid solution, therefore, new door closer or refitting of the existing door closer is usually the best course of action.

Doors rubbing or hitting the door jam is a sign of loose or worn hinges. Often the door (aluminium glass) has also become out of square and needs adjusting. In new complexes the doors can sometimes be slightly oversized, leaving little room for the lock latch to latch into the electric strike smoothly. A way to resolve this issue is to reduce the width by 5-10mm.

Don't Postpone Door Repairs - Stay Safe

Malfunctioning door, be it interior or exterior, can be a safety hazard. They can be much easier to break and enter, or on the other hand get stuck, with you locked out on the wrong side of it. At Safezone Locksmiths, we always recommend calling a professional locksmith to provide door repair or door lock repair services. A small issue today may become a much bigger one tomorrow. Thus, if you wait, not only are you putting yourself, your colleagues, and loved ones at risk, you are also bound to pay much more for door repair services.

The moment you notice a problem with your doors, call Safezone Locksmiths to consult on the best way to approach the issue. Whether they are just squeaking or they don’t seem to be closing properly, it is best to check them out right away. Safezone Locksmiths are at your disposal 24 hours a day, happy to agree on the best time to come to you and examine the door. We can even give you a fair price estimate!