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Do you have certain valuable belongings that you would keep locked up behind the door only you will know how to open? Then a safe might be the best line of protection. Where to get one, how to install it, and how to repair it in case something goes wrong – these are all the questions that can be answered by Safezone Locksmiths.

SafeZone Locksmiths provide a complete service for all safes, ranging from the lower cost ones to higher security safes. No matter the type of safe you decide to get, rest assured we have the team able to help you with a safe installation. Even if you already own one but has been malfunctioning lately – we are your safe repair team. We have the experience, knowledge, and the tools to handle any safe-related issue, be it as low-security one in your home, or high-security safe in your place of business.

Safezone Locksmiths know just how valuable the items maybe if you decided to keep them locked up.

Has your safe jammed? This is not the time to panic because this means your items are safe – even from you. Should you need to gain access to something that is locked up right away, know that we have an on-call safe locksmith ready to arrive to you and open the safe right away.

Low-cost safes are usually easy to open, therefore, the labour costs are relatively low. These safes usually have a key override which makes them easy to open. Due to their low cost, sometimes it’s better to replace the safe depending on the initial problem. Low cost safe are usually digital and once the keypad or the electronic board becomes faulty, it becomes cheaper to just buy a replacement safe. Be sure that Safezone Locksmiths will advise you on the best and most cost-effective option. We also provide safe installation services so that no matter what happens to be an issue, we can help you solve it and end up with a functioning safe for your belongings.

On the other hand, high-security safes can be rather complex to open as they often incorporate extra security features to prevent access. These may include anti-drilling, hardened steel plates and/or toughened glass which when broken sets off a relocker that can be hard to unlock. Extra care is needed with these safes and opening can often take some hours. Once the safe is opened, we often repair it back to working order and, in many cases, we improve the security as we often use anti-drilling parts to complete the job.

If you are unsure which type of safe you own and how big of a project is ahead of us, feel free to contact us and consult. Safezone Locksmiths have handled a multitude of safes over the years and can examine your and say how can we approach safe repair and whether you need to invest in new safe installation.

Safe Installation

Whether you are looking to replace the old safe or you are buying one for the first time, our safe locksmith is at your service to help you handle a safe installation. Our safe locksmith is also happy to provide advice on the best safe for your needs.

Safe installation is available but notes that the size of the safe matters at Safezone Locksmiths. Safes over 100kg are too heavy for us to handle especially if we need to carry it up the stairs to your home or office. We are not selling any safes at this point in time but we are very happy to help you with your purchase as we do offer good advice free of charge. Just give us a call and we will direct you to the best safe manufacturer. Due to our vast experience, we know which safes are known for their durability and efficiency.

Are you wondering if you should go for a key or combination safe? Good quality digital keypad safes are reliable but you need to remember to change the batteries every 1 to 2 years. Mechanical combination dials are also very reliable but can be a little tricky to use. You need to stop exactly on the number and if you go over, you need to start the whole process again. Safe key locks are great but you need to keep the key in a safe place so that it doesn’t get lost or stolen.

Safe installation is always best to be handled by a reliable safe locksmith who has the set of skills needed to cope with any type of safe or potential issue that may arise. A professional safe locksmith is also bound to have all the necessary tools that will enable seamless safe installation.

However, if you decide to install a safe yourself, we say that it is best to position it over concrete and use 12mm dynabolts. If the dynabolts are going through your carpet, make sure you use a hole punch first to prevent the drill from grabbing the carpet and creating a runner.

In situations when you need to change the combination of your digital safe, make sure you do it with the door open and don’t shut the door until you have checked the new combination three times. If something still goes wrong and you lockup the safe by accident, call Safezone Locksmiths and one of our safe locksmiths will be at your location to help.

For any digital safe, we advise using high quality Duracell alkaline batteries. We also emphasise to all of our clients just how important it is to change the batteries as soon as the safe starts making any different sounds or starts playing up. Flat batteries are the number one cause of safe malfunctions.

We encourage you not to buy a cheap safe from a large hardware shop, nor from the large office supply shops. We don’t consider them to be a secure option and don’t believe that you will provide the safest environment for your valuables.