Spare Car Key

Spare Ford Falcon Key

One of the most important things to take on your road trip holiday is a spare car key. It’s not an item you would normally think about taking but there are many reasons to consider taking a spare car key on your next trip.

Losing your one and only car key is probably the first reason you might think of but there are plenty for reasons I can give you.

Here are just some of the reasons why it’s advisable to take your spare car key:

  • Lost your key at the beach or you just have no idea where it is.
  • You dropped it down the drain or in between the gap in a hotel lift.
  • The car key just snapped in half
  • I dropped my key and it fell apart and lost the transponder chip. This is very common.
  • The dog chewed it. Yes it happens!
  • Went swimming with my keys.

I’m glad I practiced what I preach as I have my own personal story of when I recently traveled to Fraser Island for a holiday.  While I didn’t loose my key, I did however leave it my tent. The problem was that the tent was now packed away and loaded on the roof of my 4×4. First thoughts were oh………  but then I remembered I had the spare in the car. Had I not had the spare I would of spent the next 30 minutes unpacking and repacking the tent. While this didn’t cost me any money, just time, I was very please I had brought the spare car key along for the ride.

The reality is that something happening to your keys is real. Locksmiths are making keys to cars all the time. And while locksmiths can make keys to car a lot cheaper than a car dealer, it still can be an expensive exercise, especially if it happens somewhere like on Fraser Island.

So just remember to take your spare car key on your next road trip holiday. It may just be the difference between a holiday of a lifetime and a holiday nightmare.

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