Lock Re-keying

Don’t want to change the entire lock but would still like to have new keys installed? Not a problem, Safezone Locksmiths can rekey locks on all of your doors without having to go through a hassle of changing the entire lock. Lock rekeying is a much simpler, faster, and cost-effective service, which is why so many of our clients ask us to rekey their house locks when they want to up their security levels.

Safezone Locksmiths rekey locks for its clients all around Central Coast. We are your local locksmiths who understand that your keys got lost or stolen, and can help you prevent the founder from opening your lock with the old key.

How We Rekey House Locks

Safezone Locksmiths have a system in place that enables us to complete the majority of our lock rekey jobs. First, we remove the springs and pins in the cylinder so that we can replace them with new ones. The pins and springs we install are designed to work with a specific type of a key, and we will provide you with the one that works. Just tell us how many copies you will need and we will provide them. Just note that none of the old keys will be able to open the lock that we rekey, which means you are safe in case you misplaced the keys or fear that someone might have stolen.

Why Would I have To Rekey Locks?

There is a multitude of reasons why people would want to rekey house locks, some of the most common ones including: Misplacing or losing the old keys, Old keys getting stolen, Current lock not operating as good as before, Change in possession of property & Too many keys loaned or granted to a variety of people.

No matter which of the above may be the case, it usually boils down to not wanting anyone other than the chosen few to gain entry to your home or office. This is where we jump in to help – Safezone Locksmith services are designed to help you secure your residential or commercial property without having to invest a lot of money into changing entire locks or doors. As an alternative, we offer to rekey locks and ensure you are the only one who gets the master key and further decides who to give the copies to.

Is It Better To Rekey or Replace Locks?

It takes specialised knowledge to determine whether a lock needs to be completely replaced or just rekeyed. In terms of budget, the latter option is much more attractive, however, in many situations, it is not just about the money.

At Safezone Locksmiths, we first examine the state of the lock. If there is no greater damage and we can simply change the pins and springs, we will do it as quickly and as diligently as possible. But in some cases, the lock can be damaged beyond repair and will have to be replaced. You can count on us to tell you in advance what it will take to.

What is more, even though most locks can be rekeyed by locksmiths, however, these days there are many cheap locks on the market that are either of poor quality, making it difficult to rekey or are a sealed unit therefore non-rekeyable. If we come across this situation or we find the lock is faulty, we will inform you and advise you of your options before continuing any further.

What Kind Of Key Will I Get?

When we rekey your locks, you will usually have the option of having all the locks keyed alike for your convenience or the option of using new coloured keys to make it easier for you to identify. We also acknowledge that sometimes elderly or disabled people have trouble turning keys in the lock, so at SafeZone Locksmiths we carry a range of bigger headed keys to suit everyone’s needs.

Rely On Safezone Locksmiths To Rekey Locks

Safezone Locksmiths represent your one-stop shop for all locksmith needs. Since the establishment, we strived to diversify the range of our services so that we can meet any local’s specific needs. Today, we are praised for the variety of locksmith services, including 24/7 emergency locksmith services, lockout services, door repairs, safe repairs, or any residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith issue.

We also offer our rekeying services for people whose locks are not broken beyond repair, or who just wish to change their keys for security levels.

If it is about restricting intruders from entering your home or office, know that rekeying is a much more cost-efficient solution than complete lock change. You will still get a whole new set of keys and will not be able to enter with the old ones, but will not have to pay for an entire lock to be changed. If you choose to rekey home locks, rest assured that we will complete our work quickly but carefully so that the end result is a fully-functioning and safe lock.

If we arrive and realise that the lock is broken and has to be replaced, we will provide a price estimate on the spot so that you know what you are getting yourself into. Still, remember one thing: Safezone Locksmiths are known as an honest and professional team of locksmiths. We will never trick you in order to sell something you don’t need. If we advise investing a little more in a more expensive and complex project, it is for your own good.

Emergency Locksmiths Services

Do you need to rekey locks right away? For whatever reason you might be in a hurry, contact Safezone Locksmiths because we always have an on-call professional ready to help you. We want for you and your family to feel safe and sound, which is why we will do our best to arrive at your location in less than an hour. Place your trust in us and we will place you as our priority!