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Motorcycle Transponder Keys

Central Coast’s Safezone Locksmiths can cut most transponder keys for motorcycles.  Before taking your motorbike to your local dealer, give us call first. We may save you time and money as we can cut most motorcycle keys quickly.  As we offer aftermarket keys, the cost of your new key will most likely come in cheaper than a motorcycle dealer.

Safezone Locksmiths Motorcycle Keys located on the Central Coast

If you are on the Central Coast and have lost your key to your motorcycle then we can cut keys for motorbikes that are 250cc or less. These motorbikes normally don’t have a transponder chip in the key. If you are located on the Central Coast and have a motorbike that does have keys with a transponder then give us a call anyway as we can point you in the right direction. Programming new keys for motorcycles if all keys are lost can be complex and special care is needed. We have close associate locksmith in Sydney who can get you back on the road quickly.

Motorcycle Locksmith Services

Most motorcycle transponder keys can be cloned without needing your motorbike but it’s best to be able to check afterwards. The good news is that we can come to you and it still won’t cost you a fortune.
If you have broken you bike key then don’t worry. We can help in situations where the key has broken off in the ignition. We use specialised tools to extracted the broken bit. If you have broken your key and lost the tip of it the again don’t worry. We can work out what the missing cut of the key are and cut a new key.
Motorcycles that we most commonly cut keys for are:
Harley Davidson
Give a call and see if we can help on 0473 450 000.