Key Won’t Turn in Car Ignition

Ignitions problems can be caused by a few different reasons and below are the common reasons why a car key won’t turn in a car ignition:

Warn Car Key

A warn key is at the top of my list. Warn car keys are very common. Excessive wear is usually caused by a lack of lubrication. Anytime you have metal (the key) rubbing on metal (the wafers in ignition) you will most certainly get wear.

How to get your car key turning again if the key is warn?

By spraying a little bit of WD40 into the ignition barrel you just might get it working and buying yourself some time. When I say buying yourself some time, it’s hard to know how much time. Sometimes the key will keep working for another couple of months but in many cases, if you turn the ignition off , the key may not turn again.

Failing the WD40, try turning the key gently while pushing and pulling the key in and out. Also check the steering lock is not putting pressure on the ignition.

By cutting a new key back to code may be the only thing you need to do.  Safezone Locksmiths cuts car keys back to code.

Warn Car Ignition

A warn car ignition is another common reason why a car key won’t turn in a car ignition. Again metal on metal wears both the key and ignition at the same time. The softer metal wears the quickest and so if the key is made of nickel silver and the wafers in the ignition are made of brass, then the ignition will most likely wear quicker. There are always exceptions to this rule but generally speaking, this is the case.

How to get your car key turning again if the ignition barrel is warn?

Again by spraying WD40 into the ignition may work. It’s also common for both the key and ignition to be warn so if you do manage to get it to turn then it’s problem best to get it repaired ASAP.  It can be hard to tell if both are very warn key looks very rounded instead of nice defined cuts and square edges. In the photo below, the top key is in good condition without any wear. The bottom key shows signs of moderate wear particularly in the high areas of the cuts. The high cuts are more rounded.

This key started to catch when trying to turn in the ignition.

Safezone Locksmiths repairs car ignition on the spot. No towing needed!

Broken Ignition Parts

Broken parts in ignitions are possible but not as common. It could be a broken bit of cast metal or one or more of the wafers have broken. Either way you’re pretty much out of luck with this and it’s best to call a locksmith rather then getting the car towed to a dealer. Most car dealers tend to replace the whole ignition barrel and housing assembly which could cost you a fortune. Depending on the make and model, we can usually get you going again fast on the same day. Safezone Locksmiths can come to you are repair or replace your ignition, no fuss!

Do you need an Emergency Locksmith?

We provide a locksmith service for all of the Central Coast area, so if you are located on the Central Coast or around NSW and need assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0473 450 000. Safezone  Locksmiths is fully equipped and ready to go.

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